Spookle - Unofficial Doodrivative Proposal

‘We want to show love and get some love from the community’

Howdy! First of all, thank you all for the feedback, we learned a lot from you and we truly believe that we can build something fantastic together. Now, since nobody likes to read long posts, let’s get directly to the subject: our project, old Mutant Doodles, now Spookles in order to leave the ‘doodles’ aside.

Let’s present the amazing team first.

me- doodle #1920

ordinary & typical

We are all graphic designers and have some friends from an IT university to help us build the website and the minting system. We are excited about this project and how it came out to be! We are looking forward to adding people to the team if the project succeeds.
We started working on it a week after the doodles launch. The art style for us was a big inspiration.
Recently I’ve bought my doodle and I am so happy with the acquisition and the community itself. For me, it was a big thing, neither of us having any other jobs,( shortly, we are broke) this 5600$ investment was like our commitment that we will do everything that is humanly possible to make the best derivative out there.

1. Love for doodles owners

We want to keep all the whitelist spots for doodle owners. We don’t want paper hands, that’s why we will only start marketing after being accepted and every mutant doodle is in the hands of an original doodler. Also a giveaway on the doodles discord would be incredible!

2. The functionality and helping the doodlers

All the money from the royalties will be directed to buying doodles and giving them to lucky holders.
We are making only 200, this means that every holder will get a high chance of a drop every time royalties generate enough to buy a doodle. Having 10% royalties there will be airdrops non-stop. I know it’s high but you will profit from it, we won’t take a cent from them.
This way we are helping the community by buying doodles to give them to doodlers :slightly_smiling_face:

3. Brand safety

We understand and respect the concerns about the derivatives projects, they can hurt the brand if they are not made correctly. That’s why we are here, asking the feedback of the community constantly and accepting any guidance that the founders want to provide to us.
We are sure that our project can provide a + value to the only original doodles collection.

4. Transparency

Transparency is one of our core values. Everything will be done only after we get your feedback. About the dox, we don’t mind doing it if anybody feels unsafe or something. I also have my Instagram in the description on discord. We can give the founders the proof of how the minting will work and that we have the art ready with no problem at all.
Distribution will be made randomly by our smart contract. When you mint your spookle you will receive one random available spookle.
As for the payment part, we are going to reinvest 50% of all the mint back into the development of this derivative project. We believe that this will bring attention to both Doodles and Spookles. The other 50% will be our payment.

5. Unique art style

We want to respect the art boundaries between our project and doodles. We truly appreciate the majesty of Burnt Toast and his color palette and we give him all the credits! We see our collection to be original and our artistic style and vision are well represented by it. It’s kind of the duality of cute vs badass! :love_you_gesture:

If you have read everything, thank you! You are awesome! We are keen to hear all your opinions about our project.

You can also contact us on discord regarding the WL or just to ask something :slight_smile:

usually bia#0922



Really love the style and the new name Spookles!


Thanks but @cappy should take credit for it!


Mutant doodles, Spookles.

Why didn’t I thought of this when doodles launch? :rofl: anyways, I’m unusual. Those who know, knows.

I’m an OG Dood as well. Doodles changed my perception about NFTs in general. My first 2 projects that i bought were rugpulls, sadly. Shoutout to @Alphakek, who gave me the confidence through doodles to continue looking deeper into what NFT is all about. Itself, an Art Piece. The bigger intent behind the art, the Community.

Hype isn’t real. We intend to follow the footsteps of doodles, getting to know each and every one of our members / holders. We want to create a strong community where we have common goals and a shared vision for the future of our project.

WL? Doodles Fam comes first. Forever and always. Any remainders will be given out to the general public as we still want an inclusive society of sorts.

Thank you all in advance for the kind comments! I will see you in our discord server! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



Very excited.We have a new name Spookles!


Love the new name—this project seems to be a good contribution to the evolving Doodles potential!


Been a fan of this project since day 1! We’ve already got an amazing community (almost all of which are doods) and I think it’ll really push the Doodles name forward <3


I will always support you :heart_eyes:


Wow. Love these. Can’t wait to get myself one of these for sure. You got my support for this one! :heart:


Thanks for the write-up! Very exhaustive and complete, your transparency, vision and art make me incredibly hyped. I’m proud to have been a part of the Spookles name choice, sounds so good! I hope the doodles Gods will like this idea too so that we can build something big and fun all together.


I appreciate the team they always try to reach out those whom interesting in their concept.

Also, I tracked this proposal from the previous one (mutant doodles).

Although this project is still early (need more help and construction), I believe they will grow soon by our love and encouragement.

For sure, looking forward to seeing your next stage.



I am optimistic about this project and hope it will take off.


Like this new name and this style of Doodle!
Can’t wait for this :heart_eyes:


I really like the new name! And the new art! It’s clear that there was some work on it! Much better quality and aesthetic. I really like it, it would be good that a good part of the Spookles are given as free mints to lucky Doodles that are active on the community.


Love the style - looks like a great project. looking forward to seeing what comes of this!


So psyched the name settled on “Spookles”! Happy I could contribute that name to the project, it just felt right from the moment I first saw them. Can’t wait to see these spooky bois on the blockchain!


Really appreciate the continuing evolution of this project to The Spookles

Fairly clear they are separate, inspired and an homage to the original project.

The limited mint size and the generous tokenomics make it unlikely that it is a cynical cash grab. There just isn’t a lot of upside for the creators of this project.

I’m also a shameless fan of thoughtful extensions of the Doodle style. Hope I can add to my collection.


Very excited for this project! The name is what really makes it :star_struck: