Staking/Yield mechanics. $DOODLE

Hi Doodz,

I am a believer that creating an ecosystem/utility token to support Doodles NFT is a great way to cement this community in the Metaverse. Utility tokens have proven to be a fantastic addition to projects for example CyberKongz. Because of this many projects implement a similar mechanics.

From an investor perspective i would love to see what ideas and lore we can put forward to take doodles to the next level and given the experienced team maybe try something new e.g. Groupies plan for $peace token is time weighted yields based on how long a holder has had their NFT. Ultimately i would love to see holders earn passive yield but also for the DOODLE treasury to expand revenue streams (via token utility) other than just OS sales.

To spark the conversation i will outline a scenario:

  • $rainbows are earned passively via staking or other mechanism. $Rainbow can be used to access things as project grows, having a talented animator on the team … maybe the first application is doodle owners can pay 1000 x $rainbow to receive an animated version of their doodle ?! these can then also be used in an animated series so the team works on it once and it has two purposes.

Purpose of this topic is to brainstorm lore and mechanics related to an ecosystem token. And have the professional comment of the experienced founders.