Standardize Voting Schedule with "Snapshot Saturday". Reduce Preliminary Quorum Requirements from 15 to 5%

Hello Esteemed Doodle Colleagues,

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Summary of Proposal

  1. “Snapshot Saturdays” Standardize preliminary votes to Saturdays accompanied by champion speaking at community town hall.
  2. Reduce preliminary quorum from 15% to 5%
  3. Begin tracking percent of preliminary votes to reach final.
  4. Begin tracking total community participation by each stage

The Problem
0 community led proposals have reached the quorum necessary to reach final vote. 1 founding team proposal (expanding the team) had a final vote; however, it skipped the preliminary stage. Minimal participation in Doodlebank could be due to a combination of factors including:

  1. The ideas being brought forth are not compelling enough to warrant a vote.
  2. Community is unaware of proposals requiring votes.
  3. Large share of the community is unwilling to prioritize or make time for each vote.

The Solution(s)
While problem 1 is outside the scope of this proposal numbers 2 and 3 can be addressed with tweaks to our standard operation process.

To improve awareness of proposals requiring votes several community members have proposed holding a “Snapshot Saturday”. Each Saturday, new proposals up for preliminary votes would be submitted to Snapshot. The champion would be able to jump on a Twitter Spaces or Discord community led Town Hall to discuss their proposal and answer questions.

Building a consistent ritual on when to expect discussing and voting on proposals will help train the community at large on expectations while ensuring the champion is given maximum visibility.

To address problem 3 (community is unwilling to prioritize voting) I propose reducing our quorum on preliminary votes from 15% to 5%. The preliminary vote as it stands is too restrictive of a gate with no ideas going through the final stage. Given this is not a commitment to spend the bank but simply to bring a proposal forward for a vote we should encourage hearing more final proposals.

Communities exist in concentric circles. Participation increases as you move from the outside circle to the innermost with the total number of participants decreasing. We have to be realistic that most community members are engaged in a multitude of projects on top of their day jobs and responsibilities. Decreasing the threshold will hopefully encourage more of the community to participate once a proposal gets to a final vote.

Another option we considered was the ENS delegation model however this feels like more of a drastic change which could lead to the same voices being heard repeatedly. It could be an option in the future but seems appropriate only after testing reducing the quorum requirement.

As part of reducing the quorum requirement we should also publicly report on the percentage of proposals making it to the final round and community participation by round. We can then set thresholds/goals after which we can adjust quorum requirements as needed.

Would love to hear your feedback! Special thank you to NittyB, Biggs, Mangopear, Chase McCaskill, Bitty, and countless other community members for your suggestions.


The people who came up with Snapshot Saturdays sound like gorgeous geniuses. Shout out to @ayhth I believe for being the one to suggest having a set voting day. Great idea.


Thank you @ayhth. A fantastic idea.

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Thanks for setting up this thread @Pickle ! Let’s bring these ideas together for a discussion.


  1. ‘Types’ of proposals - easier for proposers to understand what needs community approval, what’s an FYI, perhaps differentiated quorums. Keep it simple: governance, for-profit project, non-profit project, branding and marketing, doodrivatives, others (no funding required) others (funding required). Remove if unnecessary.
    I would view quorum reduction suggestions in this context. For instance governance changes should have a higher quorum bar.

  2. Managed delegation: community nomination + team approved delegates.

  3. 1 week voting period.

  4. Voter incentives (already a subject of a thread by @LedroitTiger )

Let’s go champions!


I think the main problem is not many doodles are aware of this. I’m suggesting creating a dedicated channel on the discord with notifications when a vote has to be given. We could try this to see if things improve


I agree with this. I have to do deep dives to be in the know of any proposals as I don’t have notifications turned on (work and sanity purposes) but having one pace where it can be streamlined would be great. This is a great idea to have Saturdays and the day to vote on proposals.

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love this - im mostly too busy dealing with my full time job and other stuff im working on to be in the know or to even remember to check on these things. I think @ayhth is spot on with this.


@ayhth - always hitting the nail on the head! Fully agree with all of your points, really like the tiered quorum suggestion for different types of proposals.

Snapshot Saturday is a great idea but I also think it’s imperative to have a minimum of a week for the snapshot.

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Hi I just read over the proposal for voting and had an idea . I think maybe some people don’t vote because they don’t fully understand how these proposals will effect the project in the long run . Maybe at some point before the final vote there should be some form of announcement from the team explaining how the proposal will take effect and the expected or projected outcome of said vote . That way those who are new and very unsure of the process an have a greater understanding of how the result of the vote might impact the project . Just my 10 bob on the matter let me know what you think


this is great. appreciate the initiative from the community. a reduction in preliminary quorum requirements would be great and moving to a delegation-model would certainly help. I am in for whatever it takes to help move these conversations forward. thanks.


Awesome idea!! fully support!

Spookles drop their proposal and Prelim in Doodlebank and Snapshot. We met 5% quorum (if this goes through) and majority of votes. @tulip Pls give us some guidance. We will support Doodlebank with our royalties as well.

We want to give back to our doodles community with our project. Spooky Pennies’ for Mushy is one of the movement that we will execute to do our small part in making sure these victims from hack/scam get back on track!

Good luck for Miami Art Basel! Not like we need it, hahaha. Doodles FTW!!!


Great day for a voting day

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I am supportive of any way to improve participation in DoodleBank voting.

It’s our civic duty!

Beyond Snapshot Saturdays, we should also consider having community leaders which have votes delegated to them. There are many people who want to vote but do not have the time to fully understand the issues. These same people may know people that they trust to vote on their behalf.

Think of it as a Doodle proto-senate. Our own representative democracy!

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I’m supportive of the change to governance. It’s very much needed.

My only objection would be the change from 15% to 5%. In my opinion, 5% is too of a bar. Each Founder has 100+ Doodles to vote with and also a healthy reserve of marketing doodles that can be delegated.

I propose we reduce preliminary vote quorum by half to 7.5%.


I haven’t thought this through yet, but I think that there is a bigger downside from killing good/cool projects due to a higher bar for preliminary voting than the downside of getting too many projects sent to final proposal.

Also, looks like most people who disagree simply don’t vote since voting No will just help pass the quorum. In a way, we are technically asking for a 5% yes and not a 5% voting turnout.

Im a huge avocate of bringing some rythm to Doodles. It works very well with Cool Cats and their Friday Town Halls. And I think with rythm can come activation on this side of things.

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