Stretchy Doodles Prints on Taffy why not?

So if you’re here reading this you’ve probably sat down and asked yourself, why can’t I put Doodles in my mouth? And while some of us have vinyl statues to nom upon, those don’t exactly pass through the digestive track so comfortably.

Now with Samhein, or as it is more colloquially referred to, Halloween, approaching us, many have become transfixed on dressing up like our Doodles, but I for one think about candy. Because Doodles remind me of something tasty, (for the most part, no offense Poop heads), I wonder if there might be a way for them to be expressed.

This led me to a novel idea: what if Doodles could be printed out onto stretchable taffy treats? Even though ETAI is convinced I should make some candy bars as a prototype, I’m certain that taffy is the way to go, so I’m going to post this to get a sense of whether people think it’s a cool idea or not.

My idea is basically to take small white pieces of taffy, onto the surface of which Doodle designs can be printed onto with edible ink using a food grade printer. The flavors of each taffy can be tweaked without the color changing, and if not, we can just roll with that. Stretch em, eat em, get Doodles inside you!

If you like this idea more than my last one about a coloring book for adults, then maybe I can take it to the next level and we can vote for it? By 2023 we could be going viral with Doodles candy in time for Halloween!

This is easily the best idea I have ever seen.

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Such a good idea! Everyone would love this from kids to adults!

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