Suggestions for supporting local community meetups

Suggestions for supporting local community meetups

There are at least five communities outside the United States, such as Korea, the United Kingdom, and Thailand. The communities have already met up more than once.

It would be nice to create a system that provides team-level support to communities outside the United States.

This is a great opportunity to send the message that the team cares each and every Doodles’ holders. In addition, it has an advertising effect in itself.

These meetups, in my experience, are also affecting the purchase of Doodles in their countries to participate in the local Doodles’ community.

The details will be decided by the team, but supporting money or Ethereum is not necessary.

With just a few souvenirs or a special opportunity to communicate with key team members are enough.

For example,

  1. Disposable plates and cups with Doodles’ pictures on it

  2. Official merches for event prize : A few T-shirts, a few ballpoint pens, and a few hats …

  3. Live zoom talk with team members for 10 minutes during the meet-up time

  4. Greeting special message from Founders

  5. Make a simple picture or a GIF to celebrate the meet-up.

Thank you!


I actually think this is a really good idea. Probably needa control over costs but otherwise it’s great marketing and also to let holders feel the love


definitely something i would support. so many amazing Doodles who wont be able to make it to any of the landmark activations, we should support these community gatherings.


i love this idea and support it


I totally agree on the idea, word of mouth is the best marketing tool for branding.
I would like to add that we should have something like Doodle Arts guideline for community to use when promote the brand and/or something like shared drive of artworks that holders can use for branding purpose.


I love it!! you got us support for more community gatherings. for building strong community-brand


agree. have to support local community as part of the marketing budget.

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indeed! would be pleased if the team can support community meetups with promotional materials/giveaways (this could be raffled to public who have interest in the doodles eco too) global irl events by communities will help grow the brand, would like a set of guidelines maybe and funding/small budget would be beneficial and i am sure communities can be transparent with spending. Also, very cheap in Asian countries. Alot can be done with 1-5e.


Fostering and encouraging community gatherings across regions can only be a plus for brand equity. Support 100%

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I agree. I support this idea !!

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I agree on this suggestion !
we have to support local community.

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  1. Love the idea of having a promotional set of materials that can be shared/sent.
  2. Official merch will be easier once our merch becomes always-available, for not it wouldn’t quite be since we usually only ever have pre-sale stocks.
  3. I can’t imagine this being a thing; good for the events, bad in practice to set a standard that they’ll be available every single time an event happens
  4. Special message might be easier, but again hard to imagine that we want to support all local meetups and have them doing this every single time.
  5. I wouldn’t say we have the bandwidth to do these for meet-ups.

I’m in favor of supporting local community meetups, something the team has wanted to do since the get go, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect the same 3 people to be personally supporting in the sense suggested. We should be keeping it as a systematic way to support, not forcing personal commitments.


I completely agree

This proposal heads in the right direction because it gives a good idea of what kind of package the average local meetup will need to put together a respectable event, and standardizing that package will def lead to more local meetups.

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Love this. It sounds like from the recent AMA the team is keen to support Doodles branded local activations (like shipping out the Doodles 2 experience machine and some stuff from SX).

I like that this proposal is asking for presence rather than money.

Perhaps we could still talk about money by framing this proposal as a 5eth budget to purchase 5 x 1 eth sets of official merch for Doodlebank supported meetings in 5 locations till the end of the year. I’m not sure if purchasing merch is still possible but perhaps with the imminent release of Doodles 2, new merch would be available again.

This merch allocation could be managed by Mushy with a write up provided by the team on the details of the upcoming events (2months) to allow for shipping and also booking the team’s time.

It’ll be a nice touch to start off each event by saying it was supported by both Doodlebank and the Doodles team.

Keep it up @Bokqueen ! doing amazing stuff.

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Agreed with this ^.

Another important part will be finding local community leads who can usher these meet-ups. Looking for funding for 5 meet-ups as suggested, then deciding on micro-communities to split up the grant from there could be the best route.

Would be happy to assist to frame this as a proposal and help decide on best path as a community.

This is especially important as other “blue-chip” NFT communities branch out to international irl events, it’s imperative that Doodles do the same. Doing it through Doodlebank would be a huge W.

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