Support the meetups for the "Doodle UK" community group

Hello all,

In the UK we have been working hard to build a community of UK based Doodle holders - we’ve also expanded this to include Dooplicators, Pukenza, Noodles and any other (official/supported) Doodle related NFT holders.

To date, there is 83 of us in the discord and growing fast.

We have a had a couple of meetups so far, the first being at Doodle Bar (yes, it is real!) in London and most recently an event at flight club (fun darts).

Everything we do is self funded and self organised.

With the support of the Doodlebank, I would propose that we have access to a small amount of funds to reserve spaces at doodle-worthy venues around the UK. We would grow in numbers, create exposure to the brand by doing IRL events and make Doodle holders in the UK (and EMEA) feel more closely associated with the brand.

With respect to how funding works, I am open to input. But, would suggest an annual (or bi-annual) doodlebank contribution of 15eth per annum to organise, promote and grow the Doodles UK/EMEA presence via IRL events that are community organised.

All receipts/expenses would be publicly available and open to audit.

Link to Doodles UK Discord - Doodles UK


Having organised the previous Doodle meetup in Flight Club for NFT London, I fully support this initiative and propose this be a Bi-Annual event. 15ETH maximum and reviewed per year, depending on success.

-Bi-Annual Event
-Locations around the UK (mainly London)
-Maximum of 15ETH per year (2 Events)
-Reviewed/Renewed yearly
-Money used for venue booking/food/limited drinks/professional social media content.
-Creation of UK meet-up board

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My man!

Thanks for taking the lead on the flight club event at NFT London!

If you have any pics… get them up!

Great initiative… as a UK based holder it would be great to see more “official” Doodles events/activations as the focus has been very “Miami-centric” so far.

Im all for it!

Thank you!

I am sure Doodles will officially come to Europe soon, but in the mean time we have a whole range of talent in the community that could create amazing UK based experiences.

Attended both events so far and I love to see this. Personally I think a lot could be achieved with an even smaller allocation of ETH and would hate to see this proposal fail purely based on the ask.

With that said, I don’t want us to dream too small about what activations could look like so would be happy to support this motion with the 15eth as a cap. Would love to see some proper activations (which may require larger budget) but would also be happy with a few small meetups not so reliant on individuals having to take on risk/cost.

Thanks both to Tokyo and Dan for organising the first two and here’s hoping there are lots more to come :doodheart:

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The 15eth suggestion would be a cap, not a target.

The cost of securing locations aligned with the quality/vibe of Doodles (especially as we grow), food, drink, videographer/photographer, venue set up including props etc adds up pretty fast. I think I read that doodleputt is in the $m’s?!

The finances would also be reviewed on an annual basis. For example, if after year one we have 5 eth left over, we may revise to an additional 5eth addition in year two.

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Love the recommendation! Our only alternative would be asking doodlebank for funds to fly us out to all these Miami events :saluting_face::saluting_face::saluting_face:

Seriously, great initiative and would love to see it happen!


Now theres a thought… DoodleAir.

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As a London/UK based Doodles holder I would love to be a part of this initiative.

I’m relatively new to Doodles but have already felt like the community is skewed towards to the US (fairly as most holders are US based it seems), so it would be nice to be able to be part of something that’s more accessible.

I’d be happy if the funded support was even less than 15E tbf - anything that allows us to catch up and spend some time together would still be worthwhile!


Love it! Fully supportive here

Love this! IRL meetups are a great way of promoting community engagement and and cultivating culture. Great use of funds and I fully support. Wish this was in LA~