Teach Mushy To Swim In Tulum

November 22nd 2021. 8:45PM.

A shocking news reverberated around the world and shook the heart of every member in the community that we knew.

Mushy quote

“i can’t swim”

With three words, Mushy (aka CozyMushy), a highly-respected and well-renowned member of the Doodles community brought all of us to our knees.

How could this be? Who could have let this happen?

We were distraught, confused, but also, highly amused.

Who Is Mushy?
Mushy: The man who carries the weight of our Discord on his back.
Mushy: The man who would save us when our houses catch on fire.
Mushy: The man who is there to listen when nobody else is

*Insert photo of Atlas carrying the Earth (post won’t let me embed more than one link)

Friends and dear fellow members, we cannot let this be. We can no longer be ignorant to this truth and allow such a valuable member of our community be at risk of an aquatic disaster waiting to happen. That’s why I’m here today: to propose a way to forever protect this invaluable asset to our community.

The Proposal: Teach Mushy How to Swim in Tulum
The plan is ready. Lauren, a respected member and a trusted maven in the NFT space, is willing to help us reach this goal by connecting Mushy to her contacts in Tulum. To incentivize Mushy, the trip would also include several perks that we know a man simply cannot refuse.

What’s In It For Us?
Simple. By keeping Mushy away from potential harm, we maintain one of the most powerful assets that glues the Doodles community and do it at minimal cost.

By allocating less than 0.10% of the Treasury, we can make this happen. I sincerely implore you all to dig deep and do what is right for you and the community. Thank you.

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Definitely voting for this

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I can shove him in a pool for just 0.001 eth, he’ll learn how to swim pretty fast



Well written proposal.

As an alternative:
Maybe we can design a set of instructions with doodles showing one how to swim. This way we can teach more than one mushy. In the spirit of inclusion and accessibility, pudgy penguins can be included too with balloons as floatation devices. This will appeal to all mushys of the world.


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