Team scaling proposal v1

We need to begin hiring for key roles to help with in-person activations, animation and web experiences.

  • Offer competitive contractor rates to acquire top talent
  • Accelerate Doodlebank development and progress
  • Ensure we have sufficient resources to continue delivering first-party experiences that add value to the OG Doodles collection
  • Start with foundational hires that enable us to be creative and maximize brand reach across all mediums
  • Transition to more permanent contracts in future

These roles are

  1. Doodlebank coordinator - improve how proposals pass through the Doodlebank pipeline at each step of the funnel ideationproposalexecution. Main KPI is voter participation & meeting/exceeding proposal KPIs. Be the bridge between community, champion, and the Doodlebank tech stack. Provide product and branding input to champions to help them create the best proposals possible.
  2. Project manager (Partnerships & activations) - Manage 20+ inbound partnership requests and coordinate upcoming events. Help the founders deliver proposals to the best brands in the world while ensuring we maintain a boots-on-the-ground presence. Main KPIs involve the partnership and events pipeline.
  3. Community trust and safety lead - ensure the discord and Doodlebank are a warm, welcoming and safe place for new collectors using automation, bot integrations, and technical implementations.
  4. Web3 / Front-end lead engineer - surprise and delight users with your code in an unannounced, confidential web experience for Doodles currently in-progress by Doodles LLC. Continue to make an easy onboard to new NFT collectors. Build with latest web3 best patterns in mind to ensure we can reuse components and patterns for future and community projects.
  5. Animation lead - be the visionary who crafts the animated look and feel of Doodles. Lead a future contract technical artist to implement scalable animation for all platforms - mobile, web, mobile web, streamers.
  6. Moderators - ensure Doodles discord remains the safest and most joyful place in NFTLAND

Timeline: 6-Month contracts for most roles starting from November 15th, 2021. Some roles will be shorter-term.

Cost: Duffel Bags - 90 ETH

Accountability: Doodles LLC will be responsible for all hiring, operations, roles & responsibilities definition, and termination if needed. Funds will be helped in a multisig wallet with Poopie/Burnt/Tulip as cosigners in a 2/3 signor policy. Payments to contractors will be monthly.


These all look like logical and well thought out next steps for Doodles.

I support this proposal.

where do you apply for the scaling team - contractor roles? interested in the partnerships lead role

I support this proposal. Project will need people to scale properly.

Roles listed are extremely important. Foundational hires is a must. I support this and I think the timeline and costs are very reasonable.

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the roles we will have job descriptions up for out of this are

  • dao coordinator
  • partnerships lead
  • trust and safety lead
  • web3 front-end engineering lead

our animator is already doing the job, Alfie, so he will be the animations lead and our mods will have a first-come opportunity to take their current roles more formally.


I’m supportive of this

This is a no brainer

Fully support this. All of these positions sound fundamental to the continued forward momentum of Doodles as both a brand and a community.

Yes this is a no brainer - fully support

First, I love expanding the team, its clearly the way forward for us as an organization.

My one hangup here is that there are two potential funding sources for this proposal being the doodlebank and the dev wallet. What is the logic behind hiring people with funds from the doodlebank instead of the dev wallet? And if the vast majority of funding for team expansion comes from the doodlebank, will the vast majority of revenues go back into the doodlebank?


I very much like the idea of adding to the team and paying those who perform the work, as it is certainly deserved, but I would like to see a bit more detail regarding how much each of these roles will be paid. 90 ETH is quite a large spend.

This has my full support. Looks like valuable and necessary hires to benefit Doodles.

So the dev wallet is a holding wallet for royalties distributions and it also holds our founder’s reserve Doodles. There really isn’t or shouldn’t be any money in it since it should be distributed as quickly as it comes in. Was there something else you meant by dev wallet?

On that note, I’ve actually thought of offering vested Doodles NFTs and socialized the idea with a few people but at the end of the day people need cash to pay their bills.

In favor, but my concern is as follows.

We need to hire absolute AAA talent — especially on the partnership pipeline so he/she can also create outbound opportunities.

In a startup that requires ESOP (e.g. some of our treasury Doods) and salary, relevant partnership experience in the NFT/startup space.

I’m concerned that with 6-month contract you can’t secure such AAA talent. I would remove that 6-month constraint for the partnership role and try to fetch an absolute killer in the good sense in the industry.


This is a totally fair point and I completely agree with you. After all, a head of partnerships hire usually comes down to enveloping their experience and connections into your organization.

I would think of the project manager role as a senior PjM whose focus is to project manage the partnerships and activations pipeline.

A rockstar partnerships hire that brings multiplicative value can definitely be in the works in the future but we are going to lean on our talent agencies to help bridge the gap in the interim.

We’re going to pay market rates and as you may know, web3 engineer is in huge demand and I’m looking for very specific experience/passion/motivations as well.

We’d like to manage how this is budgeted because these compensation negotiations happen behind closed doors. We think 90 ETH is more than enough to hire for all roles we want to but the actuals for each role will differ based on the candidate and the market


Understood. Thanks for the clarification, Poopie!

For sure! Also, one thing to keep in mind is that these are contractor rates. Benefits, taxes, etc are all the onus of the contractors thus they get paid higher rates than salaried employees

OK I understand the nuance between a PjM managing the inbound, and a real partnerships creator. Then we’re aligned.

I’m bringing back some thoughts that I shared in our Discord, in case the latter partnership role ever takes shape.

In my mind, the caliber of people we need to hire is the equivalent of a ‘head of partnership at Coinbase’ — I think we need to aim to build a AAA organisation and set the bar really high for a key position like this.

To move such a talent you need an equally crazy package, which I think, is absolutely worth it from an execution standpoint and also a brand standpoint within the NFT community. If you start with a short-term contract, that’s an immediate no-go for the best talents.