Team scaling proposal v2

Greetings Doodles,

The next chapter has begun and we’re incredibly excited to continue building best-in-class experiences for our collectors and fans with the vision to bring Doodles into the homes of millions.

We’ve flexed our muscles with the release of Space Doodles showing the world what we’re capable of with a lean team. It’s time to scale that up and build Doodles for the masses. Here are this year’s NFT-track focused problems we’d like to solve,

  1. Create a mainstream NFT purchasable with a credit card that is cross-licensed from our collectors’ Doodles. We become responsible for building the platform, collectors experience, and demand. Collectors license their Doodle to us so that we can create/sell officially licensed derivatives (as an example) on their behalf. Collectors earn a share of the revenue.
  2. Establish the lore of Doodles and take advantage of cross-media opportunities to bring Doodles in front of millions
  3. Incredibly amazing Space Doodles experience that is additive to #1 and solves its tragedy of the commons problem through economy design and intelligent sinks
  4. Upgrade without dilution v2 - a friendly vampire attack on the entire NFT ecosystem to make everyone a member of our universe in a way that adds direct value to Doodlers and avoids dilution
  5. Legal trademarking and copyright filing, defense and enforcement

We aim to innovate with (3) L-XL sized products this year with the help of our developer partners and long-time blockchain partners/friends. In comparison, Space Doodles was a medium-sized (M) release.

Since our initial proposal, we’ve hired the following roles to assist us in full and/or part time capacities which we’ve funded with proceeds from the team scaling v1 proposal plus our own personal income.

  • Animation director
  • Product designer
  • Merch manager
  • Brand strategist
  • Project manager, events
  • Sound designer
  • Project manager, doodlebank & community
  • Video engineer
  • Finance and accounting
  • General counsel
  • 3d modeler
  • 2d animator

Moving forward, we’d like to add the following roles to our team with Doodlebank funds. We have candidates in mind for most roles who come from the industry and are best-in-class at what they do. Our partners will be responsible for scaling up engineering talent

  • Lead game designer
  • Lead token economy designer
  • Writer
  • Marketing illustrator
  • Senior 2d illustrator
  • Senior 2d vector artist
  • Senior 3d modeler
  • Senior 3d animator

Ask: 690 ETH to scale the team, new additions and existing, through the end of 2022

Accountability: Doodles LLC will be responsible for all hiring and operations. Funds will be held in a multi-sig wallet with Poopie/Burnt/Tulip as cosigners in a 2/3 signor policy. Payments to contractors will be monthly.


Well, Im here for this, so much to digest!!!


Bring it on! Let’s dust off this pile of eth burning a hole in our doodlebank!!!


This is why I love yall. Slowly building in the background. Take all my eth. We’re all gonna make it :notes:

This isn’t a roadmap Btw, this is a business plan for the next billion dollar company. Hop on before the space ship leaves the station.

Wen vote


Awesome proposal - I’m super excited for what the team is building.

I have 2 questions around this line:

Create a mainstream NFT purchasable with a credit card that is cross-licensed from our collectors’ Doodles.

  1. Would this benefit every Doodle owner? Since not every Doodle would be able to create demand from its own derivative project

  2. Would this be an entirely new NFT collection?

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I was just rewatching the Poopie yt (how to build…) and this is all so on-point

A few q’s-slash-speculations…

Re the mainstream NFT purchasable, are we thinking this is still on Eth, or maybe even flow? NFT cards perhaps?

Cross-media opportunities, any chance to elaborate?

Vampire attack, are we giving out more ships for other pfps?

Token designer, I picked up that you guys werent so much into the NFT ‘norms’. Perhaps you have a novel way to incorporate it

And what exactly are the stats all about on our ships? Are we in for a Space game? Is Nate Alex developing a Space Arena? Will Planets will be habitable



Thanks for bringing the proposal forward, sounds like fantastic things in the pipeline!

Could you please clarify around this:

* Legal trademarking and copyright filing, defense and enforcement

Will this in any way change the current existing ownership/commercial/deriv rights?


Sign me up. Let’s go.


i am prepared for liftoff.


Very supportive. And speaking for myself, this is the kind of autonomy and speed I’ve wanted the team to have since the beginning. Would be interested in seeing how we can make this more permanent in the future to allow even faster execution. The only thing I’d want to ask for in return is clear communication and transparency on what’s in the pipeline and how things are progressing along the way.


I really like the idea of licensing and profit-sharing to Doodle holders.

What about the same model for IRL trait merch and profit-sharing? There would truly be no ‘floor’ Doodles as each one is a royalty producing asset.

You’ve got my votes for the above :100:


Let’s vote this bad boy in and get building! :rocket:


I saw hiring a game designer and token economy designer!! are we building a new play-to-earn eco-system?

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Lets go!! Deploy deploy!


This is brilliant! Super excited by the announcement of partnering with Nate Alex, building the team, and getting the best in class on board to push the vision!

Lets go!

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Great proposal and appreciate you outlining the key priorities for '22 (also fun to see this is specific to the NFT-track…).

Curious as you scale, are you adding team members as independent contractors or are you bringing on people FT w/ benefits? Does that impact how you have planned the 690 ETH request and the market-competitiveness of the offers?


Much needed proposal, gotta exand the team to grow bigger

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Love the vision and would love to be a part of it if you need some music and/or sound design. But of course trust your decisions. If there’s a chance hit I’m ready!


Quick Math:

M vs (3) L-XL = yea


Thank you so much for everything you have done and what you are planning to do. I 100% agree that most successful NFTs will be a “brand” not games or tokens.