Temporary Contract for Doodles Animator

I’d like to propose a temporary marketing spend in the form of a short-term contract for an animator.

While we ramp up our hiring process, we would like to secure top notch talent via contract.

1. NFT Animation Experimentation (For Doodle Holders and Marketing):

  • Animate a set of Doodles — light gif animation to experiment with Doodle movements and/or personalities.
  • Extend animations across a wide variety of platforms (social media, discord, etc.)

2. World Building (For Doodle Holders, Brand, Partnerships, and Marketing):

  • Rainbows, flowers, space, UFOs, rocketships, and other thoughts surrounding what the Doodle world could look like.

3. Educational (Stretch)

  • Animatic showcasing the Doodles proposal process.

Secure animation resources near-term to aid in social engagement and ongoing (confidential) partner discussions while we figure out hiring structure and creative support required for Doodle world-building.

Timeline: November 5th 2021 - December 3rd 2021

Budget: Stacks

Snapshot Link: 4-Week Animator Contract
Voting System: Single choice voting
Start date: Oct 24, 2021, 11:29 PM
End date: Oct 27, 2021, 11:29 PM

Reference Animation


Hire Alfie! 4 more weeks!


plz hire alfie. love da man


alfie has popped off with this project’s animation so far, i vote for him to keep the ball rolling!


Excited to see what Alfie has in store, and what I can learn from him while he’s with us :slight_smile:


I feel like we should hire Alfie for a lot longer than a month!


I agree. just need to work with our lawyerdoodle @jakester on the contracts and legal stuff. this proposal can be a stopgap until we have that


Agree with Alfie :slight_smile: excited to see what can be done in a month

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Support this 1000%. The animations have been on point!


Yes support this.
Also can the doodleworld have igloos? Some are definitely prepared with their puffy jackets.


We could definitely use more awesome animated videos. I vote YES.

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Absolutely, 100% on board with this. I can imagine the beautifully palate’d trees and bouncy feel.

Alfie needs the job!

Honestly, 3.42 ETH for 3 animation projects at Alfie’s caliber is such a steal if we can get him…

Go for Alfie! I’m sure he’ll do one heck of a job for doodles. :slight_smile:

I agree to this proposal, especially on using this time for experimenting and finding what type of movements/patterns work best!

I agree with Alfie :slight_smile:

Alfie for sure, lets run it!

Alfie for the Win!!!

A L F I E! Hell yes.