TGID returns with reduced scope and increased focus


ASK: 9.99 ETH to fund our operations (audio and written content) for 4 months.

Per month: $1000 per founder (10 hrs per week @ $25/hr) → 6.38 eth

Additional funding → for deliverables and growth strategy → 3.5 ETH

TGID ~ Season 1 (Core product refinement and growth focus)

TGID is a community platform, by Doodlers for Doodlers, that hosts twitter spaces, newsletters and more. Our vision is that through the aggregation of community and official content plus informative commentary, we can provide a convenient way to stay in the know about all things Doodles. We believe highlighting and empowering community members is incredibly valuable. Our content will also act as an archive of Doodles history during this formative era.

Our plan is to refine our core products and implement growth strategies to increase our reach.

Current Social Audio Programs:


  • Long form Twitter Spaces that reports weekly Doodleverse news.
  • Hosted by Doodlifts and Tony P.
  • Topics: Official News, Team Action + Speculation, Community Threads, Spaces + Perspectives, Doodlebank Proposals, Trait sub-community news, Lore + Artwork, and Products + Companies
  • Number of episodes to date : 21
  • Frequency: Weekly on Fridays at 10am EST

Potenial refinements:

  • Change to “top stories” structure of show
  • Implement live recording and clipping
  • Reducing show time to one hour and adding one additional showtime on a different day and time to reach a wider audience.
  • Revise topic names for clarity


  • 1-1 1/2 hour unrecorded Twitter Spaces, what happens in TGIDark stays on TGIDark. :wink:
  • Hosted by: Nico, Pawky, Doodlifts, Kduck, and Tony
  • Topics: Since we are all Doodlers we do talk about Doodles but all topics are fair game on TGIDark. From super laid back to passionate debates and everything in between.
  • Number of episodes to date: 4
  • Frequency: Weekly on Thursdays at 10pm EST

Written Content


  • Weekly newsletter that aggregates what the Doodles community and team have been up to each week.
  • Topics: Official News, Team Action + Speculation, Community Threads, Spaces + Perspectives, Doodlebank Proposals, Trait sub-community news, Lore + Artwork, and Products + Companies
  • Number of publications: 20, Archive:

Growth Strategies

  • Unofficial Doodles 2 Wearables Design Competition
    • Head-to-head twitter polls (bracket style)
    • Prize: Genesis Box and more
  • Commission graphics (improving tweet appearance)
    • Template photo for threads or twitter series
    • Breaking news graphic
    • Doodles alphabet ( based on our logo font by Artdood )
  • Identify the best show times for a larger audience
  • Publish spaces as a podcast with NRN
  • TMID - This Month in Doodles: Monthly short form Twitter videos
  • Explore use of motion tracking animation with twitter audio content
    • RTs of community spaces
    • Updates from discord
    • Quote tweet commentary on official tweets
    • Breaking news alerts
    • Regularly scheduled twitter series

Our measurable goals - Growth of Audience

  • TGID News: improve viewership on spaces
  • TGIDigest: gain newsletter subscribers
  • Social Media: increasing engagement and follower count

Below we dive into why we think TGID deserves your vote by evaluating it against the six pillars of a successful Doodlebank proposal, as outlined by Rainbow Launch.

-Brand alignment

-The Doodlebank Ask


-Return to the Doodlebank

-Community/Holder benefit

-Ability to execute/Feasibility

:rainbow: Brand Alignment

Doodles: Coloring our world with joy.

Doodles is creating art, content, experiences, and products that are meant to make people joyful. Burnt Toast’s work touches the lives of each and everyone who thoughtfully consumes it. The team is scaling by hiring all-stars of their respective industries with a plan to put Doodles into every household.

TGID: Elevating Doodles community members

TGID shines a rainbow on the doodliest things going on in the NFT space. Doodlers are unofficial Doodles brand ambassadors and we believe that these ambassadors deserve a platform of support. TGID keeps the community informed on the inside scoop, follows the breadcrumb trails of leeks (pun intended), and synthesizes community and official developments into a fused narrative. Our core mission is to elevate and empower the Doodles community. TGID lends Doodlers a helping hand.

:bank: The Doodlebank Ask

We are asking for: 9.99 ETH from the Doodlebank.

This amount will provide is with 4 months of runway to sustain operations of TGID.

Minimum content that will be created:

16x TGID News Twitter Spaces

16x TGIDigest Newsletter

4x TMID Explainer Videos


  • Research
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Social Media Management
  • Contracted Graphics
  • Hosting Twitter Spaces
  • Audio Clipping
  • Contest prizes
  • Video editing
  • Software + Subscriptions

:potted_plant: Sustainability

To be clear, we plan to return to the Doodlebank for additional funding after the conclusion of season one. Currently we are looking to be paid for our time as we develop the TGID brand. In this early stage our priority is product viability and growth. Our analytics will be reviewed and we will use the data to drive where we invest our time and efforts moving forward. If the opportunity to monetize via sponsorships or other avenues arises we will pursue those options, likely using funds to reinvest in TGID.

:moneybag: Return to the Doodlebank

To be fully transparent, with TGID season one we are not promising to provide any direct monetary return to the Doodlebank. Our first season is to be spent improving our core product, growing our brand, and testing out ways to expand. Our ROI is the soft value of boosting our community creators and knowledge gained from our audio/visual content, publications, and social media posts.

:mag: Community/ Holder benefit

At TGID one of our main goals is to make consuming Doodles content simple and fun. Our time is spent investigating, curating, and producing so that our audience can sit back, relax, and enjoy our show and newsletter. We are cultivating a platform to provide greater media exposure to holders who are actively contributing to the ecosystem. We will use our platform to highlight artists, entrepreneurs, spaces hosts, and beyond! TGID exists to share information and to help our fellow comrades succeed in their endeavors. The simplest benefits are saving doodlers time and improving their understanding of how the community and team are developing. For holders looking to reach a larger audience, TGID can provide unique insight into the doodles community landscape and network.

:mag: Ability to Execute/ Feasibility

The TGID team brings applicable experience, as well as enthusiasm and commitment that is made clear through their participation in the Doodles community. They are partners with Non-Refungible Network, a team of creators available to provide resources and advice along the way in the content refinement process, content distribution, and sustainability.


Chef Tony:

  • Founder of TGIDoodles
  • Head of Community + Social Media at Noodles & House of Bandits
  • Worked as an archivist intaking artifacts, catalouguing, and providing descriptions to assist curators creating museum collections.
  • Background in public policy, analyzing bills, applies that to investigating Doodles news, writing weekly newsletter, and cohosts weekly TGID spaces.


  • Founder of TGIDoodles
  • Founded first expansion of a substance abuse non-profit. Raised funds to open and maintain the program.
  • Organized community events, doing community speeches to as many as 800 people. Established and maintained relationships with professionals in the behavioral health field, regularly speaking at community events on the behalf of other organizations.
  • Founded doodlifts, a web 3 fitness brand that includes two social media accounts, a discord community as well as upcoming merchandise and IOS app.
  • Community content curator for the Floor app, providing content about the Doodles project to be viewed by their in app user base.

Brand /Distribution


  • Weekly Doodles spaces + Newsletter (TGIDigest)
  • Duration: 5 months, # of Episodes: 21
  • Missed Episodes: 0, Length of Episodes: approximately 2 hours
    -Since starting TGID, the account has steadily grown until recently when we experienced a spike in growth, most likely due to the last Doodlebank proposal. No signs of slowed growth.

Non-Refungible Network:

  • A community built network made to educate, collaborate, and create content for people of the metaverse.
  • NRN has a strong team that can provide advice and resources to help TGID grow.


  • Web 3 powered newsletter platform where we publish the TGIDigest
  • They are building out capability to provide token-gating of content (future revenue source for us!), as well other web3 monetization options.
  • We have a strong relationship with the founders, have a direct line of communication and we get to advise on future iterations/releases.


  • A web 3 community hub that is officially partnered with Doodles to further empower holders to host IRL and virtual events.
  • We have our own subfam for TGID:
  • Our subfam is a Doodles sub-community page where we share our spaces and newsletters to entire ecosystem’s event calendar.


  • Well regarded web3 app that is aiming to be the homepage for web3.
  • Currently the app is token-gated and there are 10k+ holders who open the app on average 12 times a day.
  • The TGIDigest is featured directly on the Floor discover page for all the users to see!

Closing notes

  • Thank you so much for reading our proposal! We hope that we have made a strong case for empowering us to embark on this amazing adventure.
  • We hope the pillar based structure will be adopted by future doodlers, to create easier to digest Doodlebank proposals.

Well written, hopefully we can use this reduced ask as a stepping stone for further TGID initiatives. Perfectly reasonable proposal that is needed for our community.

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Love the proposal and changes. Content is something that brings awareness to the ecosystem and is something the Doodles definitely could use.
Doodles was started with the intent to fund exciting and different experiences so I am all for it. Community being at the core IS
what makes Doodles special. Looking forward to what you guys will create.

Thanks Nes! We have appreciated your input all throughout this process and hope you will continue to hold us accountable into the future!

Great proposal. Initiatives like this are very important for community building. Really enjoyed TGID the other day.

TGID team! Fall seven times, stand up eight!

First of all, I highly appreciate your grit and never give up energy! That is DOODLES (high value) :fist_right::fist_left:

Second, proposal looks more niche and has direct approach for several achievable goals. Fantastic!

Third, you have my vote!

Last, BEST OF LUCK TGID!!! All the best!

Super happy to support the TGID guys. TGID is consistent, high quality, and fun. I hope you can get this through the Doodlebank to continue making and highlighting content from the Doodles community.