The Dood Show : A weekly streaming ode to creativity


With its colourful universe and its mission to celebrate and ignite creativity all over the world, Doodles aims to become an household brand by seizing every single corner of the entertainment industry, from music to video games, animations or freaking amusement park (you name it).

From the past few years though, a new world emerged from the realm of the internet, where most youngsters and adults alike spend the most of their time to learn, create and connect with their favourite streamers : Twitch.

As a community driven project, the Dood Show would be a weekly, high-end produced streaming show that seeks to explore altogether the power of creativity.

It’s a beautiful way to promote the values of Doodles to the streaming community, harness the endless imagination of its members and dive into the mind of talented creators to spur the dood vibes all over the world.


Every episode of the Dood Show won’t necessarily follow the same pattern, but here are the formats I have in mind so far :

  • Interviews with world class creators revolving around the Doodles universe (or not) to make them talk about their art, their creative process and their definition of creativity.

  • Workshops with artists (designers, musicians, memers, animators, developers…) while building an actual product in real time with the help of the audience. The final results will then be shared on our twitter account and could be used for future endeavours.

  • Community contests such as drawings, memes, songs, album covers, stories or videos. The contents will be commented in real time by the host and his/her guests, and the winner could win a Doodles, a doop, a merch or a badge on Discord distinguishing them from the rest of their fellow peasants


What makes the internet so freaking awesome (aside from the fact giant corporations designed their products to turn us into crackheads in perpetual need of attention and entertainment) is that you can launch a company, a product or a media by yourself with the sole power of a computer and a little bit of imagination.

To operate at the level of Doodles execution though, it’s wiser to have a doodlebanks on which you can rely in order to offer, from the get go, a top notch production that will help you reach the standards of what is expected from our favorite brand.

In terms of delivery, the Dood Show will primarily need :

  • An host who embodies the ethos of the show, has some background in streaming and is willing to spend a good chunk of time to ensure every single episode is as unique as it can gets. Ideally, he will be accompanied by moderators and com managers.

  • A decent setup to ensure the immersion of the audience : fundamentals like a good micro and a decent camera, but also some customised decoration (doodle neons, figurines, colourful lights)

  • Digital assets that will give a professional tone to the show : animated waiting screen, logo, sound design. Of course, all of these would stem from Doodles universe.


  1. Collecting your feedbacks and gauge the interest of the community
  2. Building a small team of builders who are willing to work on the show (4/5 persons) and who have complementary skills
  3. Detailing the financial breakdowns to ensure the project is accountable
  4. Submit the project for approval
  5. MVP baby (first episode)

Metasync Bookman here. I would love to participate in any way possible. I have a YouTube Channel (Metasync) I started for fun this year and just like making content in general and sharing my perspective on things… I’ve met tons of founders of projects and interviewed them on my channel (Fluf World, Netvrk, Clementines Nightmare, and more)

Would love to help in any way I can.

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Very cool idea! Do you also think about a drawing session with burnt toast one week while everyone hangs out in the chat and asks questions to him and fe mushy? Would be engaging for both fans of his art and the whole community. :rainbow::smile: