Tiles.gg Experience for Doodles

Doodles + Tiles.gg

Tiles.gg is a collaborative pixel canvas powered by Web3.

Rules of the game:
You can drop a tile anywhere on the canvas, but you must wait the cooldown before dropping another.

The Proposal:

Tiles.gg canvas will be token-gated for Doodles only and the color palette will be set to the official by Burnt Toast. After a set time (3 days), the mosaic locks and is minted to the Mosaics by Tiles.gg collection and sent to the official Doodles account.
We are requesting 6ETH to run the experience.

Breakdown of Costs:

  • 5ETH to cover development and hosting costs.
  • 1ETH Prize Pool - 0.2 * 5 random Doodles that join the experience.

Marketing Requirements:

This is a lot more fun when there is collaboration and battling on the canvas. It would be best to have promotion via the official Doodles Twitter account and Discord to create hype before the canvas goes live.


The beta canvas was an addictive and fun experience where players collaborated and battled to secure their images on the final canvas. You can check out the timelapse of the experience over at the showcase.

Let’s build something beautiful, together.

Big fan of this and look forward to it for the community!

Thank you for editing the prize pool here according to our discussion in #think-tank on Discord; for those who hadn’t seen it before, it was originally 5ETH for one Doodler. I think the current set up is better serves as participation incentive as it provides multiple “raffle winners” and at a still reasonable prize value for the effort applied.

  • Though, I’d be open to discussing a no prize pool; forcing/incentivizing “fun” with money seems meh to me.

Only a couple questions since I am a bit aware of you and Tiles.gg already:

  1. 5 ETH for development/hosting, do you have any info to share as to what this was based off of?

    • From what I know of Tiles, it’s already developed and running (beta snapshotted canvas), what development costs are Doodlebank asking to cover for?
    • Are you looking for one time payment on approval, on execution, or milestone-based payment?
  2. Any reason for the 3 days?

  3. Any specific time you’re looking to run this?

I’m with you on this.

5 ETH for development/hosting, do you have any info to share as to what this was based off of?

The cloud bill will depend on the actual demand and # of users. Since Tiles is built to scale to infinity, we can spin up more resources when required. If the actual demand is much less, the resulting bill will be much lower. There is also engineering time spent to theme the product for Doodles and 24/7 monitoring/maintenance while the canvas is running. We can settle payment after the experience when the cloud bill is final, with a maximum of 5ETH (we’ll cover extra costs).

Any reason for the 3 days?

This is just a duration that worked well for similar experiences like r/place. This can be easily extended/shortened.

Any specific time you’re looking to run this?

We are ready to go! So whenever fits best in the Doodles schedule to ensure maximum engagement. This experience is a lot more fun when a bunch of people are collaborating/battling.

Here’s a summary of the conversation so far from the discord’s #think-tank channel.

are we looking to open this up to doops/genesis box holders also?

This can be opened up to any number of other NFT collections (Doodles, Space Doodles, Dooplicators and Genesis Boxes).

would it be possible to have Genesis Box, Dooplicator, and Doodle holders all have different cooldown lengths?

Yes, this can be added, and changed on-the-fly if needed.

5 eth seems way too high for utilizing an existing platform.

I have some poor wording in the original request that lead to backlash about the 5ETH ask for “development and hosting costs”. I was trying to pack a bunch into this cost that was causing confusion. I’d like to move this proposal over to a flat-rate licensing fee of 5ETH:

My suggestion is for LP to come up with a “licensing fee” and scrap the whole hosting/development costs. We don’t need to be involved with how everything shakes out on LPs side when it comes to hosting and development imo.

this would be more in the realm of a saas product or a paid consumer product. Where LP provides a service and we’d be paying the agreed upon cost for that service.

This exactly.

Can we mint the final product back to the doodlebank? Maybe we could auction it off and funnel the money back into the DB or to a charity.

As the proposal stands, the final mosaic will be minted to the Doodles account: https://opensea.io/Doodles_LLC but this can be changed to whatever the community decides. An auction of the final mosaic would be an exciting way to end the event, and could potentially reimburse or even profit the DoodleBank.