Triwizzy Tournament

The Ministry of Wizard Doodles is extremely proud to present its official proposal for the inaugural Triwizzy Tournament!

The below is a condensed version of our proposal for your convenience. The ministry has prepared a comprehensive proposal which you can read here — all details can be found within.

What is the Triwizzy Tournament?

The Triwizzy Tournament is an annual creative competition organized by the Ministry of Wizard Doodles which aims to highlight and reward each year’s very best creative talents across Web3.

It is an inclusive, token-gated activation for all members of the Doodle Universe and beyond!

Each year, the community will nominate Triwizzy champions to compete across creative challenges for the opportunity to win legendary prizes.

Access Token Free Mint

The inaugural tournament will consist of 3 challenges — Motion, Music, and Design — and will be launched with a free access token mint aimed at Doodles, Dooplicators and Genesis Box holders.

The access token will enable holders to access the Triwizzy Tournament website, vote for Triwizzy champions and signup to compete in the tournament.

Following the free mint, a public mint will allow the public to purchase the token to vote for champions or to compete in the tournament. Anybody can become a Triwizzy Champion!

The very talented NFT Broccoli and Bapling have prepared the infographics below to help you understand the timeline and structure of the tournament:

Triwizzy Tournament Awards

To commemorate the tournament and support competing artists, all challenge submissions will be auctioned off at the end of the tournament, with 90% of proceeds going to artists.

This year’s first prize will award a floor Doodle to each of the 3 winning submission artists!

Finally, the group of champions having won the most challenges by the end of the tournament will each be awarded the WizzyCup NFT.

2022 Triwizzy Award Pool

  • 3x Doodles, one to each challenge winner
  • 9x Submission One-of-One NFTs auctioned
    • 90% to submission creator
  • 3x WizzyCup Trophy NFTs, one to each winning house champion
  • 9x Champion Access Tokens, one per competing house champion
  • 6x Genesis Boxes, one to each runner-up

Doodlebank Ask

To fund the creation and operation of the inaugural tournament, the wizards have budgeted this year’s tournament including awards, creative assets and engineering costs.

To successfully implement the proposal, we ask the community to release 60 ETH to the WizzyMinistry.eth community wallet to fund and kickoff this year’s activation.

Budget Allocation

  • Award pool
    • 3 floor doodles total → 30 ETH
    • 6x Genesis Boxes → 2 ETH
  • Operating costs
    • Artwork → 10 ETH
    • Development → 15 ETH
    • Gas costs → 3 ETH
  • Total Ask: 60 ETH

(Read the full proposal here)

Primary Community Benefits

Some may ask how the Triwizzy Tournament benefits the Doodles community, which is legitimate. The wizards believe that a successful tournament lifts the tides for all boats:

  • a yearly community-powered activation that all of web3 can look forward to
  • a repeatable source of revenue for Doodlebank
  • the tournament is an organic community onramp for folks within web3
  • future activations will utilize the same collection to reactivate the community
  • repeatable source of exposure for the Doodles brand without any recurring costs

(Read the full proposal here)

Post-Proposal Timeline

Following a successful proposal and release of funds, the development for the mint web app and tournament web apps will begin.

Specifications for the web app are moving along, and can be shared for feedback/approval at the request of the founders.

Contract tests have already been successfully conducted and the collection is ready to deploy.

Specifically, the post-funding timeline is as follows:

  1. Finalize tournament spec
  2. Kickoff web app art projects per budget
  3. Kickoff web app engineering per budget
  4. Set launch date & tentative tournament timeline
  5. Open thread with founders for approvals
  6. QA & test net dry run
  7. Founder approval before a tournament announcement release
  8. Release contract on main net
  9. Kickoff tournament timeline

(Read the full proposal here)

Thank you! :pray:

On behalf of all 74 wizard Doodles, thank you so much for your initial feedback and for motivating us to push this proposal to the community.

We’re excited by what this could become and look forward to organize the Triwizzy Tournament for the community year-after-year.

As a reminder, this post represents a condensed version of the full proposal, which we encourage you to read to get the full picture detailing how the wizards will execute this community activation.

Thank you for supporting our proposal!

Core Team


+1 - can’t wait to see all of the creatives in our community.


Love it. Full support.

Let the magic begin.


Love the quality and effort put into this, by far one of the better ideas I’ve seen floating around web3!

  1. Can you explain the reasoning behind the claim process and supply?
    Snapshot → 3-day Sign-up → 4-day Claim
    I’m thinking this could be combined and/or condensed? The extra steps would likely cause a loss of participants thinking one step was enough, or due to missing one of the steps.

  2. Any reason for 15k total supply?

  3. Would also like to see a bit of details for the Operating Costs portion of the budget. Though a bit high, doesn’t seem out of range.

  4. Accountability details around wizzyministry.eth?


Thank you @Mushy! <3

I’ll answer your questions in order. I’m sorry in advance for length. Hopefully it benefits anyone else who has similar questions. As a quick FYI, nothing is set in stone and we are willing to bring any and all changes to the tournament to make it the best it can be.

  1. Our initial plan was an airdrop. We ran into costing issues related to that, and decided a free claim was the path of least resistance so as not to waste funds needlessly.

In regards to the structure of the claim, it was important for us to strike a balance between exclusivity and inclusivity. To that end, our goal is to activate the entire Doodles community with an exclusive benefit being the free claim while still making it possible for anyone else in Web3 to join the community through the tournament, achieving our inclusivity goal.

That determines, at minimum, a 2-step claim – a free one and a paid one for folks outside the community. So far, nothing crazy.

The main reason a whitelist is required for the claim is to solve the inconvenience of having to claim from a vault/ledger, which can hurt participation. For that reason, we’re automatically whitelisting all existing holder wallets. If you don’t feel comfortable claiming from your existing wallet, you can choose the wallet you’ll mint from in the access list.

TLDR: The access list is optional for folks uncomfortable minting from their vault/ledger. All existing wallets holding Doodles/Dooplicators/Genesis Boxes are automatically whitelisted.

Thus, for the wide majority of community members, the only required step is the free claim itself. You only need to add yourself to the access list if you do not plan to mint from your holder wallet.

  1. We want to maintain a 33% split between the 3 houses. Since there are over 11,500 unique wallets currently holding NFTs in either of the 3 collections – and because we want to ensure every single member in the community has a chance to mint for free – we needed the supply to exceed 11,500.

Secondly, to make sure a large enough number of people outside of the Doodles community can participate, we wanted to introduce “paid supply” that was greater than just 500 NFTs. The next divisible number after 12,000 was 15,000.

Importantly, we don’t expect a 100% participation rate for the free claim – but we still have to provide that opportunity. Our plan is to revisit the total supply following the free mint. If we end up with just 2,000 claims, we’ll probably end up just closing supply at 3,000 and calling it a day.

For now, our aim is to stay flexible and keep the top of the funnel as wide as it possibly can be. From there, we’ll adjust and pivot the total supply so it most efficiently envelopes the demand from the existing community.

  1. Sure!

First, 10 ETH for design.

Artwork will be required for the web app. Specifically, the design delivered to the signed in wallet will adjust based on the House the wallet belongs to. The marketingindex of the web app will require visuals to communicate the value proposition, structure and timeline of the tournament.

We’ll require artwork for social, the main goal of which will be to discover and activate artists in the web3 ecosystem that are currently not in the Doodles community. A perfect example could be Beeple, who would be happy to participate in the tournament for a no-strings attached opportunity to win legit prizes.

Lastly, the web app will adjust based on the current stage of the tournament, and that too will require imagery and digital design to show, not tell.

In the end, like Doodles itself, much of the emotional value for the tournament will come from engaging imagery and designs. And to us, that’s just as important as the technical implications of executing the tournament

Secondly, engineering. This one is a bit more straightforward:

I’m a full time maker and working on stuff like this takes a lot of energy that represents a real opportunity cost vis-a-vis revenue-generating stuff I do every day.

To be able to commit dozens of hours to build a repeatable platform to power our tournament, I’ve estimated engineering costs in the amount of 15 ETH to fully develop the web apps for the mint/claim and tournament and to manage/execute the mints themselves thru and thru.

This is compensation going directly to the WizzyMinistry rather than hiring out a third party to ship the web apps.

Finally, we have gas costs associated with the deployment of the token contract. There will be two collections, one Wizzy House token collection (15,000 supply), and one Wizzy Hall of Fame collection housing the champion and trophy NFTs to be awarded to our champions.

  1. I’m running after the wizzies to define some governance and elect signatories for the multisig. You can check out some more details about accountability and the current state of wizzy treasury management here

This is such a well thought out virtual activation. If this doesn’t meet the standard of what the doodlebank is for I don’t know what does😂 but the doodlifts gym 100% supports the Wizzys! Can’t wait to see where this goes!


I know the amount of effort and thought that has gone into this. I am fully in support of this bringing together the doodles community, increasing our presence. This is a great idea and i really hope we get the support from all the doodles holders :handshake: thanks evryone for taking a look and voting. Love to all :heart:


Love it. Got a suggestion more of a long shot. Instead of just rewarding free nfts maybe the winners can have their art or music incorporated into doodle eco. So for example winning music will feature as part of doodle x album and it will be music available for d2. It can also be shape into an nft so that they get royalties. I think this might be more enticing for long run. Rather than ppl paying ppl (some cheaters) do so certain art, win the nft then just to floor it.

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This is such a great Idea! I fully support this proposal! Let the games begin.

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Great proposal wizard doods! Looking forward to voting on this.

As per #thinktank:

  1. Reusability of website with token gating capabilities.
    2.Prizes: given the recent drop in Doodles FP, perhaps 2 Doodles or 1 Doodles + 2 x rare doops?



Thanks dood!

  1. Website with token gating functionality will indeed be reusable. As mentioned in #think-tank, my expectation is to splinter out and productize community tools like this token gating into a separate suite of subcommunity tools (outside the scope of the tournament) :slight_smile:

  2. Not opposed to it, though I’d err on the side of increasing the value prop rather than scaling it down so the first tournament can set as strong a standard as possible

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Love the proposal, my only comments would be on the mint dynamics. I would suggest a much shorter mint period and no “paid” mint. Realistically no one is paying much for mints these days.


Thanks for the feedback so far everyone! It takes a village to make these proposals successful :magic_wand:

@0xg16.eth Very cool idea for sure! Our long term vision is for this to be an annual event so I’m hoping there will be some future potential for this process to welcome many new, talented people into the Doodles community. We spent a lot of time mulling over possible prizes and ultimately landed on the Doodles NFTs (hoping to entice new, talented people to join the community) and the more intimate gift of minting the winning submissions as NFTs and auctioning them off (with the artists getting 90%). The auctions will cement the winning submissions into Triwizzy history and hopefully be mutually beneficial for both the artists and for the Doodles community. There’s always a chance for “cheating” and trying to dump the prizes as you pointed out, but hopefully we can weed out bad actors through the community voting process and ultimately through the final judges decision at the end. Great thoughts all around, hopefully this answered some of your questions/comments!

@Nesanel6152 Thanks for the feedback! Our main plan is that we ideally want holders of Doodles universe NFTs (OGs, Doops, GBs) to represent the majority of the House token holders. The House Tokens are required for both making submissions to enter the tournament, and also to vote for the champions. We wanted to give enough time for all Doodles holders to have a chance at minting a House token for free, so that’s how we ended up on the 1 week free claim period (3 days for allowlist signup and 4 days to mint). I think giving people a few days could mean more overall free mints (to work around things like vacations, high gas prices, etc) and I think that will be beneficial for the tournament. Ultimately, we want people to participate! It’s an interactive event and we want to encourage the Doodles community to want to hop on their broomsticks and take a ride :broom:. To you last point - the paid mint is for non-Doodles NFT holders to be able to enter the tournament. There are tons of amazing artists out there and part of the reason for the tournament is to try and welcome some new amazing artists into the Doodles community. I know the market is not the best right now and agree that, in general, paid mints are not all the rage. In this case we’re hoping the utility of the NFTs encourages outsiders to mint - if you are an artist and want a chance at winning an OG Doodle (among other prizes) then you need a House NFT to participate. So tournament entry being gated will hopefully make people consider minting for a small cost. In addition, the House NFT grants voting privileges for the tournament as well, and we plan on this same House NFT being the entry for all future Triwizzy tournaments (as well as other future possibilities). Hopefully this answer makes sense - definitely appreciate the feedback and let us know if there are other questions/comments!! :mage:


I’m in full support. Doodle #9097 here. Interested in the musical composition contest >:)


love the detailed pitch, in full support


Thanks everybody for your awesome feedback and constructive criticism.

We’re gearing up for an on-chain vote, which we estimate to happen sometime over the next week or two quickly following up any announcements by the Doodles team, as the community is likely to be reactivated from that announcement.

Until then, wizzy up!

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