Update On Mutant Doodles

Hello guys!
First of all, thanks for the amazing feedback on my recent post. I’ve taken everything you said into consideration and now I am coming with a new proposal. We want to show love and get some love from the community!

New Name

First of all, the name will. change into Doodles Freaks. Mutant doodles as you said sounded like an imitation for BAYC and it’s not the case. Also in our vision freaks is more in terms of doodles branding.


We will launch only 200 Mutant doodles, every single one of them hand-drawn for the best quality. We choose such a small number for you to get maximum benefits from its functionality.

What is the love we will be showing?

All the money from the royalties will be directed to buying doodles and giving them to lucky holders.
If they are only 200, this means that every holder will get 1/200 chances to get the doodles at every roll. If you have 2 mutant doodles 1/100 chances and so on.


We will have 10% royalties ( a lot, I know) but this way we will airdrop lots of doodles.


We will doxx in front of doodles founders and also give them the proof of how the minting will work.


As an ask, we would appreciate it if you can create a thread on the discord for doodles freaks where can we show who got the doodles from airdrop and any news we have. It’s not a must for us but it would be incredible if possible :slight_smile: The badge would be the real need.

That’s our idea and we are excited to start it as soon as possible! Sorry for the long message but there were a lot of things to be discussed. Please don’t forget to leave a reply with your feedback.



Those are clean! I’m all for Doodle derivatives as I think they help the original collection. This one is clean and on brand - and transparent. Also love the idea of holding / buying Doods as well.


I really like the idea. I think that it will be really successful.
Also, the functionality is great. With only 200 characters holders will have a big chance of getting a free Doodle.


Really like the resizing of the project. The art looks creative and yet on brand for doodles.

To be honest, I am not loving the word “Freaks” as it implies an association with a definitely non-Doodle project. We could brainstorm together of course.

Maybe something simple like “Unconventional Doods”


Of course! Any ideas are welcomed, we can build on this togheter.


These are nice :eyes: I want


I really like the teasers so far and 200 sounds like a good drop size. I think these smaller drops make sense until the doodles brand is more established and the market isn’t as over saturated.

Also, I agree with Yel0bear about ‘Freaks’. It’s connected to the recent controversy and imo, the teasers seem more mythical than ‘freakish’. Once more of the collection is out, perhaps the community could vote on the name?


I really like this but ideally we do more than 200?
2% is such a small number.
10% royalty is also too high.


Freak sounds dope! It says no controversy at the moment!
Look forward to your drop!


maybe mutant The Hulk :laughing:

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count me in! mutant doodles a great name too. else freaky doodles


Love the new name! Much more appropiate. Just to clarify there will only by 200 doodle freaks then?

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Yeah. I mean, its nothing final, we can build togheter. I was thinking of 200 for the holders to have a big chance to get the airdrop. ordinary#5764 this is my discord if you want to help more :slight_smile:


¿Will it be a random airdrop for 200 holders or how will it work? In terms of the name, I would throw “Deviant Doodles” as an option


From all the money that come from royalities we will buy original doodles and airdrop them to holders :slight_smile:



I’ll be the contrarian and say that while I appreciate the thoughtful proposal and receptivity to feedback, I just don’t like how they look :man_shrugging: Nothing against you or the idea, but I wouldn’t want one and think they take away rather than strengthen the brand. But what do I know? :sweat_smile:


I think my only request should this project be approved by the community + doodle bank would be please please please do not call them “Doodle Freaks” for obvious reasons relating to another projects recent fiasco.

Spooky Doods, maybe?


Art is awesome team, so impressed it’s in keeping with clean brand but has distinct separation. Not sure ‘freaks’ carry’s the same weight as Mutants but also understand the position - could it be voted on? Or go with our own - Deranged Doodles?