Vote for fabsverse for Watch 🍭

Dear Doodles fam, I couldn´t miss the chance to send my application for the watch position! :heart_hands:

I have been a huge fan of Doodles ever since I discovered NFTs and finally managed to enter in February 2023.
Wasn´t an easy moment for the project, but did not care about the floor price, and actually picked my forever Doodles #2947 which I picked meticulously because I believe represents myself and my digital identity in Web 3 and not only.

This is why I don´t miss any occasion to showcase it, doesn´t matter if it’s my birthday or an event in which I´m presenting.

I strongly believe in a sense of community and I always look for occasion to contribute to it.
Recently, I had a lot of fun creating a lot of Doodles-anime vibe illustrations for fellow Doodles.

And also working on a super secret project based on my Doodles #2947 to amplify our community messaging and visibility… here is a small sneak peek:

Hope you enjoyed reading my story and if you decide to believe in me and give me your vote, you won´t regret it… Plus a pizza is on me if you pass by Italy/Rome :v::pizza:


I love your passion for doodles, fabsverse :rainbow:

I’m sure you have the qualities to run for this role!

I wish you the best of luck!

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