Vote Happy for watch

Fellow Doods,

I’m submitting my application for the Doodle Watch!

1. Why do I want to join the Doodle Watch?

I’ve been a strong believer in Doodles since the beginning, a determined defender when others were doubting and always a critical thinker.

I’ve written numerous threads, contributed in spaces, talked for hours in group chats… I’ve even created a sub-community : The Notable Doods, which gathers around 60 Doodle holders and team members.

But I want more impact to benefit the community. Becoming a Doodle Watch member is the best way to achieve this.

2. Why would I serve Doodles and the community right?

I understand Doodles’ long term vision I am a business & marketing professional. I understand what it takes to build a brand and run a business.

I also understand how the NFT space works. I’ve been active daily since 2021, experienced the hype and the bear, and I know how the attention game works. That’s why I now run an NFT Consulting & Marketing agency.

And I understand the Doodles community. I’m a long-time active member and acknowledge many different holder perspectives. I will make sure to make them heard.

3. My commitment as a Doodle Watch member

  • Open communication. My DMs will be open to any concerns, comments, suggestions I can pass along in the Community Council meetings.
  • Regular reporting. You will know what was discussed, and how things are moving forward.
  • Professionalism. I’ll represent the community right by the Council.
  • Service to the community. I’m here to represent OUR interests.
  • Doodles.

You know what to do now : if I’ve convinced you - VOTE HAPPY

Additional info:

Name / Pseudonym: Happy

X Handle: @happy_momentum

Discord ID: Happy | Momentum#8285

Doodle(s) ID(s): #4912, #8143


Good luck Happy :raised_hands: I believe in you. I vote happy!

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Thank you so much for your support Nir! :raised_hands:

Good Luck to you, Happy :saluting_face:

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Thank you Bamboo! :goat: :saluting_face: