Vote yopez for watch

GM anons,

I’m writing today to express my interest for the Doodle Watch position.
To introduce myself, I’m a crypto folks since 2015 and an absolute lover of the space since.

As a big collector, I fall deep in NFTs and since years now. Knew doodles since day1 (sadly came to late compared to my group of friend from mint).

Name / Pseudonym: yopez

X Handle: @yopez_

Discord ID: yopez.

Doodle(s) ID(s): Doodle#1819

Qualifications / Experience:

I’m in the space since years now, worked for Bybit (French countries) where I wrote a huge beginner guide (140 pages) and was also active in several DeFi protocoles DAOs.

I’m currently working for a Big4 consulting firm in the Crypto Team (can’t name it because of Risk Management).

Doing lot of advising, audit and of course our job is also to issue reports (and communicate on them) over our client, an we are part of their councils.

Why are you running for the Doodle Watch?

I’m not part of the community since a long time because I waited the FP to dip to enter, but I’m enjoying the vibe since the beginning as numerous of my friends were holders.

I want to help the project firstly with this role, but can also connect the team with big corporates who are pushing their web3 experience.

As a Crypto OG it’s always pleasure for me to help, teach on anything related to crypto/web3.

My commitment as a Doodle Watch member

  • Always active to discuss, help the holders
  • Share my knowledge of the market (DeFi, Airdrops, RWA, Corporate Crypto stuff)
  • Regular and professional reporting and show how things are moving
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Native crypto experience and your skills are a great background!

I wish you the best of luck, Yopez :rainbow: