Votes Not Showing Correctly

Hi, I am trying to vote but it shows I only get one Doodle vote when I have two doodles. Both are in the same wallet—that is confirmed. Has anyone experienced this?

hey Timbo, do you think it might be due to the time at which you purchase the Doodle? Snapshot votes are based on a snap-shot/time.

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I do believe you are correct, thank you.

Mm i got similar problem - 2 doods in wallet, but shows 0 to vote. Anything i can do, thx!

it’s likely that you weren’t yet an owner of a dood when the snapshot of holders was taken when the specific vote in question started


Thank you! Yeah problem solved. I was even more stupid: doods in ledger, had to connect via ledger as wel of course :face_with_hand_over_mouth: