Wallet Infrastructure for Treasury Management

Current State:
-The community treasury is currently sitting in a gnosis multisig wallet. Multisig wallets require multiple on chain signatures to sign transactions. This results in high gas costs, low flexibility in terms of management, and does not incorporate multiple layers of security.
-We have millions of dollars worth of Eth that is not being deployed for anything and is not invested. Outside of this opportunity cost that’s being lost we had no diversity in our holdings. I believe these issues are a result of friction in being able to manage our treasury.

Given our progress as a project, the likelihood that we’ll be expanding our counter parties, and the potential to grow our treasury as we continue to develop I believe we should consider an enterprise grade wallet infrastructure solution that can scale with us.

Fireblocks Multi Party Compute(MPC) secure wallet infrastructure
-Layered approach to security where MPC shards the private key and operates in such a way that the private key is never fully formed.
-Key shards are stored in intel SGX secure enclaves
-All transactions flow through the Transaction Authorization Policy(TAP) where # of signers, who signs, how much is being transferred, where is it being transferred, and additional settings can all be configured.
-Integrations with crypto exchanges, fiat banks, and other major institutions so there’s not copy pasting of addresses and capital can quickly and easily be moved out into other crypto assets or fiat.
-Works with defi protocols via wallet connect which is supported by all the protocols we would want to use, mainly Aave I would think.
-Fireblocks is well known and widely respected in the industry and would reflect well on us as we navigate in the venture capital world.

I work at Fireblocks and want to build some pipeline as I try, hit my number for the year, and cement myself as one of the NFT experts in the company so I get first dibs on all the conferences. I realize this opens questions as to how to actually build our portfolio, but I think step one is a platform that we can actually use to build.

Available for any discussions or questions.