Web app for doodlfying other NFTs to make $ for treasury

tldr: Doodlfy is a web app to turn any PFP NFT into a new doodle-like NFT.

It will help make money for the community treasury and spread Doodle vibes all around.

How it works:

  1. Connect wallet & choose any PFP NFT detected.
  2. (Optional) Choose desired assets for additional cost. Example: rare assets cost 0.1ETH.
  3. Pay 0.05 ETH for the design service
  4. App returns a new NFT that incorporates the doodles assets/ art style. Using AI (just throwing the word around) or doods creative community helps by using a web editor filled with doodle assets , colors, elipses, skull mask, satchel, etc
    Example: BAYC puking rainbow wearing 60s glasses. Pudgey penguin on doodles background.
    If creative community: they can have fun with it. Buyer beware that the artist could be high or just hates apes. Subject to a lead time depending on demand.
  5. User mints new NFT (comes with 7% royalty: 5% to treasury 2% to community designers or Doodlebank company).
  6. New NFTs are part of new Not-Doodles collection. (working title).


  • Generates additional income for treasury.
  • Spreads doodles vibes and humor around beyond the 10,000 doods. New trendy PFPs become vehicles for promoting doodles. Aligned with vision.


  • Dilution of exclusivity of Doodles NFT’s distinctive burnttoast style - doodlfied images need to be sufficiently distinguished from doodles. Specific Doodles rare assets might be gated or might not be allowed to be used to preserve 1 of 1 or rare characteristics of Doodles NFTs.
  • No one uses it? Looking at our community and also twitter-sphere, some have already tried Doodlfying other NFTs (cool cats + doodles, pudgy penguins + doodles,



  • The AI bit could potentially work. You can transfer art styles using neural networks. But the result won’t really be doodles without the doodles assets.
  • We have some web 2.0 developers in Doodles discord that want to try web 3.0. Building this could potentially be a community effort. In whichcase, expand royalties distribution.
  • Original Doodles NFTs should not be allowed to be submitted as it will adversely impact the original collection.

Great idea. At first glance, I agree that there is a desire for something like this, but I’m glad you laid out the potential risks because diluting the brand is a real concern.

Additionally, depending on the proposed cost/need for resources, we may not get out of it as much as we put in. I don’t see it as a long-term treasury builder or interest generator for the project unless it was launched in tandem with a show.


I feel like it would need to add a watermark “Doodle Derivatives” and they would be a wholly seperate market on OpenSea that Doodles also got 5% or 10% of all resale of Doodle Derivatives.

I really love this idea.


You’re probably right. My hypothesis only works if there’s significant demand for the doodles brand and look. Probably a time to visit this is when the floor price is X eth or a sigificant catalyst like a show. I was thinking of this more for phase 2 or 3 when products are being explored.

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Still, love the idea!!

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Is there a way for the Doodle treasury to reward independent artists to do this? For instance I would be in favor of supporting Loïc R as an artist in some way.

Technically as long as we vote on it and it can be coded, it’s possible. I’ve included a 2% royalty to participating artists and the service fee can also be split with participating artists. Before that is the intention and whether this app is the right approach for doodles to be spread across at least the NFT sphere and when would be best time to execute.

A less complicated version of the idea is to simply have set aside a stake to fund a bounty or reward to artists who create doodlized versions of other NFT projects for fan appreciation. No new NFTs involved and it seems to be happening anyway as seen in the #Show off creations channel on discord.

I don’t want to jack your thread and I love that there is validation in the market/community for the demand of custom doodles. Artists are being commissioned to create these mashups and derivatives already as we’ve seen.

I’m extremely fearful of user-generated content pipelines and the risk involved. It adds significant burden to the team.

Maybe we can add more rails to the flow and require that the base PFP be a Doodle but users are able to customize the Doodle’s traits (note, chain, background, pattern on clothes) depending on which other NFTs they own OR NFT art styles they are borrowing from another user.

This would ensure we have a cohesive silhouette for this collection and has higher potential to be on-brand. Now that i’m thinking through it, the risks here would be again licensing of the mashup’d NFT. Let’s say you own a Hirst Currency piece and you wanted to license its pattern out to a Doodler who wants to customize their art, is that even allowable?

Anyways, these are my initial thoughts. I’ll circle back with more direct feedback on your idea.


Now that’s interesting. I’ve always assume that the original Doodles couldn’t be modified. But it could act as a v2/ breeding/fusion system where you would still have the original doodle but now have a new doodle with the other NFT traits.

However, it solves a different problem: helping non-doodlers access doods vs letting doodlers/holders self-express and flex their NFT collections.

To address the operational overhead of a design service pipeline, perhaps a simpler implementation is a fan can drop a piece of doodified fan-art into this site, meeting with PFP specfications. Community then votes on whether submitted PFP is on-brand / doodle enough. If approved by community (1% quorum?), the submitter can mint their new NFT under a new but distinct Doodle sanction collection : Doodle Friends/Fans. This then allows to co-opt the fan ecosystem, involve existing community members, remove operational overhead, and generate revenue for treasury.