Web3's First Soda - (Perfy x Doodles Partnership)


  • Partner with Perfy
  • Do not Partner with Perfy

About Perfy

  • Perfy is a functional soda for your brain that supports mental health causes and families of those impacted by overdose and suicide.
  • Perfy’s sodas are 3g-4g per can and made with real fruit (not from concentrate) + nootropics + adaptogens and a blend of stevia monk fruit and allulose.
  • Perfy’s mission is to reduce cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial ingredient intake.
  • Perfy’s why? I lost my best friend to an accidental overdose. I lost my old roommate to suicide. And I want to honor my mom, who I used to call “Perfy” when I was a kid.

About the founder (me)

  • food & beverage marketer with nearly a decade of experience.
  • I own AdWeek’s 15th fastest-growing marketing agency in the world (AdWeek, 2021)
  • I have the marketing background and selfawareness to know that I need to provide more value to the Doodles community than I extract.
  • I can help make Doodles more known in the food & beverage world - Doodle’s can help solidify Perfy in the Web3 world. Together we can do something that I do not believe has been done yet.

Timeline :
As early as Q2 and as late as Q4

Perfy is launching a new flavor in May-June 2022. We are also launching four new flavors in 2H 2022 (likely Q4). The goal is to provide a limited edition Perfy x Doodles flavor with a budgeted quantity of approximately 10,000 gallons (100,000 cans / 8,300 12 packs).

Marketing Execution

    1. Have a design contest within the community to land on the Limited Edition Can design OR 2. Burnt Toast designs the can.
  • If the vote is approved for an official vote, Perfy founder will provide a campaign brief to the community.

Cost to Doodbank 0 ETH
Approximate Cost to Perfy 75-115 ETH (current ETH prices)

  • 60 ETH already allocated to R&D for five flavors
  • 15 ETH allocated to raw goods/ingredients, logistics, and operations for one flavor
  • 15 ETH allocated to manufacturing line time for one flavor
  • 25 ETH will be committed to marketing and advertising for one flavor

Expected Revenue to Doodbank

  • 25-50 ETH


  • Perfy is open to sharing a project P&L for transparency. Note some vendors may need to be redacted or generalized.

Disbursement Schedule

  • Perfy to split 50% of net profit with Doodlebank after all funds have been recognized.


  • my only ask is support from the community.


  • Perfy is only available in the United States
  • Once sold out, the cans will go to the standard Perfy packaging to create a truly Limited Edition experience
  • If this is a success for both sides, then we wash, rinse and repeat for the following four flavors
  • Perfy is open to being an official partner of Doodles by awarding the founders and/or Doodlebank a % of the company.
  • Investments in Crypto and Stocks funded Perfy. I’m a degen at heart. Big soda companies can offer greater reach, but I can provide more passion, heart, and drive.
  • It is my goal for Perfy to have utility in Web3 similar to how potions and hearts had utility in Zelda (one of my fave games).
  • Part of Perfy’s proceeds will support Reverse the Silence, Mission22, and getting @uncoloreddood his very own Doodle for throwing the most epic beach party ever.

Continuing the discussion from Doodles Pop-up at SXSW:I like the idea. It sounds like something being done to both benefit a good cause and raise awareness. I grew up in the 80s and now see a whole your generation lost to the greed of the fentanyl suppliers. This went way beyond the boundaries of experimental drug use and just killed off a whole group of young people and old suffering from a disease.
The depression is another serious and related issue of mental illness and just dealing w the stress of life.
I am eager to earn more. I work 6 days a week and it’s been hard to make the time to check-in with fellow doodle holders and the bank forums. I missed the doodle fidensa mint. Just didn’t see it in time. I have a family and work nonstop. I will try harder
…I have been blessed and some would be happy to have what I call problems
Best wishes to all


Personally I think it’s a great idea!!! :rainbow::blue_heart::blush: