Win a Doodle. Support a good cause

Raffle off a Doodle for charity. The more you donate, the more raffle tickets you get. All donations are tax-deductible.


  1. Raise money for a good cause
  2. Bring positive attention and awareness to Doodles
  3. Level the playing field for everyone to have the chance to own a Doodle
  4. Incubate a new mechanism for charity fundraising in the NFT space

We have seen many examples of charity auctions in the NFT space. But a charity raffle that offers tax deductions is a new innovation. Everyone is incentivized to participate because at the very least you’re getting a tax deduction for your donation – and yet you have the chance to win a prize that may be out of your price range. With the Doodles floor currently at 2.65 ETH, the chance to win a Doodle for a small donation may be highly compelling – and therefore could raise a lot more for charity than a simple auction. Plus, this serves as a marketing tool for the collection.

Raffle Tickets
All donations will have to be made directly to a nonprofit organization or Donor Advised Fund that can issue tax deduction receipts. Legally there must also be a way to enter the raffle without making a donation; however, by donating, you increase the number of entries you’ll receive:

.01 ETH = 20 entries
.025 ETH = 125 entries
.05 ETH = 500 entries
.1 ETH = 1,200 entries
.15 ETH = 2,000 entries

The prize will be one floor-priced Doodle plus 1 ETH (to cover any associated taxes with the prize).

The Charity
I would like to do this as a fundraiser for Choose Love, a global nonprofit organization that is putting love in to action by providing refugees and displaced people with everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats to food and legal advice. In full disclosure, I am a fundraising consultant to Choose Love, which is how and why I came up with this idea.

I hope you like this idea and am happy to answer questions!!


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