WWW3 Doodles Penthouse

What´s up doodle fam?
This is gonna be my first proposal and I´d appreciate healthy discussions in the comment sections :slight_smile:

The proposal: Buy a WorldWideWebb3 penthouse


Simple: Establishing a presence in the Metaverse (Pixel doodles already in the works) wich is inline with our core values : “We want Doodles to bring the joy of NFTs to millions of households worldwide .”

I´m not saying that WWW3 land alone will accomplish this but it´s for sure a step into the right direction. You can definetly see that most of the communities are positioning themselves in worldwidewebb because it´s simply faster to deliver in there and it´s a hell of fun!

This ultimately opens up more creative avenues for the doodle project and creates a hangout place for doodlers to socialize amongst each other or with other communites.

For example:

  • Throwing some kind of release parties and invite other communities for new drops (for example space doodles.
  • Completing a quest in WWW3 to get access to the next merch drop.

What can u do in WWW3 land?

Well…there is a TON of planned utility for these lands.

You’ll be able to:

-create quests for other players

-showcase and sell items

-host events

-fully customize how it looks like inside

Why not sandbox/decentraland?

I found an interesting twitter thread the other day but I´ll give u a TLDR:

  • 2D worlds make it easier for people to socialize chat with each other because u see everyone at the screen at the same time

→ 3D worlds better for EXPERIENCES
→ 2D worlds better for SOCIALIZING

  • WWW3 onboards NFT communities in an insane pace

  • They already have a working game where u can even play from mobile - gameboy vibes! everyone can relate to it

  • More and more communities are buying appartements in WWW3 because of how quick they can execute (also means supply is being bought up and will be locked away)

  • It is SIGNIFICANTLY easier to create a working 2D sprite as compared to a 3D model

From what I can gather from all this and doing my research on WorldWideWebb3, the founder (Thomas Webb for those who want to look him up) is an insane smart guy and most importantly A BUILDER! Wich reminds me of Poopie, Tulip, Burnttoast and NateAlex. There are here to push the envelope - not a ton of announcements but they rather deliver then hype things up!

Why does it need to be a penthouse?

  • Well we have the funds! Why not use them to grow the doodles awareness in the long run?

→ Just by checking OS sales from the last 7 days we made about 50 ETH (give or take) only for the doodle bank!

  • There are only 69 penthouses in WWW3 and only 6 listed at the time of writing!

  • This would be a statement!
    "We´re not selling, we´re buying!"

DOODLES are here to stay!

Expected expenses for the doodlebank:

Right now the cheapest penthouse goes for around 90 ETH so I´d calculate between 90 and 100 ETH

Just to be clear, this wouldnt generate any revenue for the doodlebank and would more be like an investement for the brand expansion!

I hope u enjoyed the write up!


Thanks @PabloAndiebar !

@Sumiez and his crew have been hard at work on Pixel doods 2D sprites for this purpose: The Pixel Doodles Sneaks look fantastic.

Regarding actually purchasing a penthouse, Sumiez might have a different opportunity as he’s spoken to the webb3 team that might be able to deliver a more bespoke (doodley?) experience. Whether or not purchase of an apartment or penthouse is required to execute that, I’ll let him weigh in here.

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Thanks for feedback @ayhth ! Appreciate it, can´t wait to see us doods running around in www3 with our own doodles.

Thank you for getting started with the proposal! I love the idea of buying a doodle penthouse in the worldwide webb.

It will be great to use our doodles avatar! It was approved a month ago, so it should be ready soon! Snapshot

There are a lot of promotional opportunities of having a penthouse, such as displaying doodles art in the apartment, hosting events, and business opportunities that will benefit the doodles bank.

One of my thoughts is that we might need to find a property manager for the penthouse, so we won’t be adding more things on the doodles plate. The manager can organize events, collect feedback on what doodles want to do with the penthouse, decorate the penthouse, business opportunities, etc. I am sure we can find someone who will be interested, we can use the fund to pay the person monthly with any commissions any business benefits for the doodle bank.


Thanks for the feedback dood! I agree 100 % that this would make sense to pick a penthouse manager, and maybe he can form a little team around him or her as well regarding organizing events, gathering feedback from the community.
I´m planning to dive deep into the appartement builder myself in my medium and see how it goes!

You guys are welcome to share to proposals to your fellow doodle friends, I don´t wanna keep spamming the chat :smiley:

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We would definitely look to help build out some custom integrations for you in your penthouse.

If this post gets enough traction we can set up some time to chat about things you would want and how we can help make that happen.


Thanks for your contribution WEBB!
Love to see it.
Sounds awesome actually, I hope the proposal gets enough traction so we can figure something out together!

UPDATE: Current floor price for a penthouse is 72 eth. A WETH offering strategy would maybe make sense to get a even better price!

This is actually awesome!! WWW3 has already been confirmed to be one of blue chip in metaverse category by their innovation, their competitive team and their output. This will make Doodle ahead from a lot of project. Can’t wait to see this proposal get upvoted and become real activity! :heart_eyes:

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