Youngsun - Community Events Lead Application

Name / Pseudonym: Youngsun

Twitter Handle: @youngsunlive

Discord ID: youngsun#7777

Doodle(s) ID(s): 7852, 249

Qualifications / Experience:

1. I am one with my doodle and my doodle is with me.

I have been a doodle since February 2022. Ever since, Doodles has been part of my identity.
I take my doodles pouch everywhere I go, and I have a doodles sticker on top of my macbook, my friends would give me a birthday cake with my doodles on it.

Doodles is so deeply rooted to my life in a short period, so much so that I can’t imagine myself without a doodle.

I’ve literally attended all doodles official events ever since I joined, be it New York, Paris, or Miami. I just had to go, because I love doodles.

I can assure you that through ups and downs, I will always be part of the doodles family and care about doodles.

2. I have much experience hosting “web3” and “NFT” community events. on brand.

I have experience hosting events even pre-web 3, but more importantly, I have hosted and arranged all types of NFT community events, from a small holder meetup, to a community-led exhibition, to a full NFT conference with 1000 attendance total. Here are some examples of events I hosted


HELLO NFT! was a three-day NFT festival with networking party, celebrity performance, NFT conference all blended in together in Seoul, Korea. We had a total of 1000 people attend across three days. I made this event and managed the entire budget, planning. Literally everything from speaker sourcing, location hunting, catering, merchandise, pre and post marketing. I can confidently say that I’ve been through end to end NFT festival of quite a size and can share my knowledge and learning to all of the future event hosts for doodles. and of course I used my own doodles pfp as my main picture. Also, you can see how on-brand and consistent the entire event looks.

Event Video

Day 1 (Pre-Networking):

Day 2 (Conference):

Day 3 (Festival):

Event Pictures

2) Smaller Events with Purpose

A) I have recently hosted an event, that was intended to share my experience in NFT Paris, to the Korean community, about 2023 NFT Trends and what I saw in Paris. I led everything of course from venue selection to food, operations, contents, and getting partners.

Event Video:

Event Pictures:

B) I also have experience putting together a community led exhibition and a meetup. I was part of the core group for Clone X community led exhibition and meetup. We were able to put together a great private event for holders and plus ones. I led the venue sourcing and operations such as catering and was the one who liased with RTFKT team to get support from the team. Exactly what I will do for Doodles with this role!

Event Video:

Event Pictures:

3) Last but not Least, Doodles Meetup!

I hosted a Doodles meetup in Korea with fellow doodlers back in June 2022. I created the eventbrite page myself and worked to source location from a fellow doodler, and to get attention from the doodles discord to set up seoul event channel. I also prepared doodles merch to giveaway to fellow doodlers. We invited +1 guests and had a blast, with a welcoming video from Evan, which I solicited to receive and share to the local community. I think it means a lot to actually have contributed to the community by having an experience of hosting exactly what I would be helping in the coming months, doodles event.

3. I have the right skillsets to help hosts succeed

I come from operations / product management background, working at companies like Uber. It means that I have experience communicating with people all over the world, and am used to stakeholder management at all levels. Collaborative work is in my nature.

I am very well connected to the web3 scene in general, which will make me a good guide in connecting the hosts with the right partners across the globe. Not to mention that I would say I’m active as a doodles holder in engaging with the community (although I focus more on IRL and twitter, versus discord).

Why are you running for the Community Council?

Because 1) I love Doodles, 2) I love hosting community events, and 3) I want to give back.

Ever since, joining the NFT scene, doodles was my home. doodles community welcomed me in Austin when I was a super newbie into NFTs, and although I have multiple NFTs, doodles still serves as my core identity across multiple platform (my pfp is doodles for all facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.).

I also believe I have what it takes (qualifications and experience) to help the doodles community host great events across the world, while making sure the event stays in line with the brand guideline of the doodles for a great experience for holders and guests alike.

Being in the community council will allow me to give back to the community what I have received for the last year, all the love and help that made me grow in the NFT space. I now want to help members that wants to contribute to the doodles community like me, by helping them host a dope event across the world, all while helping doodles proliferate.

Any supplemental information (documents, links, etc.):

My instagram:
My Linkedin Profile:

Hope I can help a lot of you throw awesome events around the world, very soon! :slight_smile:


Great application, i remember meeting you at NFT NYC last year. Good luck!

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Thanks a lot and hope we meet soon again!

Great to see you apply YoungSun. You certainly have the chops to host events and I am excited that you can represent a traditionally underrepresented group of Doodlers in Asia!

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Happy to see you apply Youngsun, I always see you in almost every doodles events, and being major part in many NFT events, good luck :handshake::heart:

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Thanks Doodlifts! Always appreciate your contribution to the community along with Chef TonyP

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Hey JJcool, thanks for the blessing :slight_smile: Yeah, I’d love to show up to more and meet all of you again!!

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awesome! @youngsun is one of the top contributors to the Doodles community :slight_smile:


Excellent application.
You definitely have the experience in this area. I also took note how you actively planned doodles events for our family in Asia.
Time and time again we’ve seen our Asian doodlers asking for some love. I’d love to see some events around there spreading that doodle spirit and making our doodle family all over the globe feel loved and appreciated.
All the best.

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Thanks means a lot to have support from a fellow doodle from Korea!

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Hey roops, thanks for the support. The area you mentioned is exactly what I intend to contribute to the council. Representing areas of the world where official events would not be as prevalent :slight_smile:

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Wow, amazing application. Great to see everything you have already done!

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I am impressed by your application, it showcases a combination of passion and expertise you’ve got!

Wish you good luck :heart:

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Thanks for the kind words fren! Means a lot to me. Hope I can keep doing what I love and help fellow doodles too!

Saw you apply as well too bamboo! I love your energy and hope the best of luck to you too! :slight_smile:

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I didn’t realise the extent of your web3 Events experience (planning and attending) until reading all of this - wow!

You’d clearly be a major asset in this role. So much passion, and web3 spirit.


Hey Incog, always appreciate you being stalwart of our community. Thanks for the shoutout and hope I can further help the community with this role and facilitate other doods to host dope events! :slight_smile:

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I remember meeting you in Austin last year and being amazed by your dedication to attend! Would be super exciting to get some team representation from Asia-Pacific :blush:


Of course I remember too! It was one of my genesis doodle moments. What a year it has been since then. Hope to see you soon in another doodle event :slight_smile: come to Korea!