Zkpawky Doodle Watch Application

Name / Pseudonym: zkpawky, pawky

X Handle: @zkpawky

Discord ID: @zkpawky

Doodle(s) ID(s): #1700 #6795

Qualifications / Experience: Being someone who joined Doodles just 5 days after mint and has seen every up and down with this community I feel like I have an extremely good understanding of community sentiment. Additionally, I know what it will take to continue to build off the increasingly growing morale as the team has had successful launch after launch. One thing I think the previous watchers (Tony and Roops) did that was great was have clean TLDR tweets and then break down each point within a thread. This is something I would definitely love to continue doing. Another thing they did a phenomenal job of was continuing to be active on the timeline and getting an idea of how the community is feeling. Additionally, I would continue my weekly Saturing morning space alongside 8270 called “dood morning”. We would be able to leverage the space to provide further details and tackle any inkubator questions holders or non-holders might have. As someone who has a long-standing space with Floor, which is going on week 48, it is safe to say that I am someone who does it because I truly love connecting with other community members. Furthermore, I genuinely enjoy and look forward to talking about what is not only happening in web3 but also our day-to-day lives because I feel that is where real friendships and connections are made.

One of the biggest reasons I want to run for watch is because I truly love this community and everyone in it. Being able to meet you all at events has truly created lifelong memories and serving as watch would give me an opportunity to strengthen those relationships and pass over community sentiment directly to the community council and team. I also strongly resonate with the core idea of doodles and providing a splash of color and joy to the world and being able to ensure those values are upheld in all aspects is extremely important to me. I also think I have a very strong understanding of not only where the brand is currently but also the path they are trying to carve so being able to serve on watch and assist that vision in any way would truly be the honor of a lifetime.

Thank you for your consideration and keep on puking doods :rainbow::face_vomiting:


TY ser pawky for being a positive dood in this space.
You’re one of my favorite spaces hosts out there. Your ability to diffuse a tense situations with humor deserves much respect.

Now comes for a splash of roopsing around: Your dood morning spaces is more a casual spaces for doodles to chill and talk about nothing. Usually, when things get serious 8270 starts muting. Discussing props may fall a bit on the serious side and it’s definitely a shift in direction of what we’re accustomed to. Can you promise me, if you’re elected as watch, you will keep 8270 in check?

Oh believe me my friend he will be kept in check! I love my man 8270, but I also care about the success of not only the doodles but the inkubator greatly. Time will be made to get down to business no doubt about it!

I wish you luck, Pawky
I’m sure you have all the abilities to carry this role and deliver great results.

Thanks for contributing to the public presence of doodles, it’s incredible!

Glad to be part of the same community with you!